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Proposal Category Collaborative Proposal (Integration and Theory)
Proposal Title Ground Motion (0 – 5 Hz) Validation of Dynamic Heterogeneous Rupture Models on a Strike-Slip Fault
Name Organization
Shuo Ma San Diego State University Dudley Andrews United States Geological Survey Ruth Harris United States Geological Survey
Other Participants 1 graduate student
SCEC Priorities 6b, 3e, 6e SCEC Groups FARM, GMSV, GMP
Report Due Date 03/15/2013 Date Report Submitted N/A
Project Abstract
We validate the heterogeneous stress models of Andrew and Barall (2011) by comparing the simulated ground motions (0 – 5 Hz) using a 1D velocity structure for a generic rock site with the GMPEs from the NGA project. A preliminary evaluation of results from rupture simulations using 10 random stress realizations indicate that both the logarithmic mean of ground motion amplitudes and variability are consistent with the GMPEs. We will more quantitively compare the simulation results and the GMPEs to validate the heterogeneous stress model. The advantage of our approach is that the broadband ground motion can be simulated with both stochastic short-period and long-period components. This could be a significant contribution using a physics-based approach towards the goal of strong ground motion prediction.
Intellectual Merit One of the primary goals of the SCEC is to predict strong ground motion using physics-based approaches. This project is to validate such a physical approach. Our preliminary results indicate that our approach produces strong ground motion consistent with the recorded ground motion in terms of the mean and variability. More quantitative comparisons are being done. Once validated, our approach will be a significant contribution to strong ground motion prediction.
Broader Impacts Strong ground motion prediction is essential to the quantification of seismic hazard. Our project explores a physical approach to solve such an important problem.
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