SCEC Award Number 16038 View PDF
Proposal Category Collaborative Proposal (Data Gathering and Products)
Proposal Title Towards consensus time series analysis for the Community Geodetic Model
Name Organization
Thomas Herring Massachusetts Institute of Technology Michael Floyd Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Other Participants Lei Wang
SCEC Priorities 1d, 1e, 5b SCEC Groups Transient Detection, SDOT, Geodesy
Report Due Date 03/15/2017 Date Report Submitted 03/15/2017
Project Abstract
The SCEC Community Geodetic Model (CGM) relies on consensus regarding the processing and ingestion of geodetic data, primarily GPS and InSAR. We focus on the GPS component of the CGM. A number of processing centers, many of which are based in southern California, produce time series on an operational basis. We have developed tools to read and combine each of these time series into a single product. Our combined time series are now available for distribution in any agreed manner and we are able to produce updates to the time series at any time, or on a regular basis, as required by the SCEC CGM. In anticipation of the existence of a web portal or other centralized access area for the SCEC CGM, we have proposed and continue to work on developing an "extended" time series format, which may be used to include one or more models derived from any chosen approach to time series analysis. These may then be removed by any user as they wish, depending on their analysis needs and intention to remove perturbations such as displacements due to earthquakes or offsets due to equipment changes within their own analysis.