SCEC Award Number 18028 View PDF
Proposal Category Individual Proposal (Data Gathering and Products)
Proposal Title Collaboration to Populate a SCEC Community Paleoseismic Model
Name Organization
Thomas Rockwell San Diego State University Glenn Biasi United States Geological Survey
Other Participants Kate Scharer, Tom Dawson, SDSU graduate student TBA
SCEC Priorities 5c, 5d, 1a SCEC Groups CXM, Geology, EFP
Report Due Date 03/15/2019 Date Report Submitted 05/03/2019
Project Abstract
The purpose of this project is ultimately to develop an 0n-line database of paleoseismic data with a common format that can be used by the SCEC community to test earthquake recurrence models. The focus of this years work has been to compile paleoseismic data from the southern San Andreas fault system, with an emphasis on the large number of unpublished sites from the southern San Jacinto fault. The original plan was to summarize site data onto XML data sheets, but this has been found to be tedious and subject to errors. After many discussions, the best path forward will be the development of a GUI that will capture the full breadth of data types, including chronologic models, trench logs, etc., that can be accessed throught the database, with a searchable summary of the primary paleoseismic data outputs (site location, paleo-earthquake dates, displacement data, if available, etc)
Intellectual Merit This project, when completed, will make available in a user-friendly way the massive amount of paleoseismic data which is now only available through extraction from published sources, theses, field guides, and other sources. These data will potentially be important in testing earthquake recurrence models and in comparison to earthquake simulator models and outputs.
Broader Impacts The primary broader impact of this project is to make available a large amount of paleoseismic data in a form that can be easily accessed by the SCEC community, as well as the community at large.
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