SCEC Award Number 18099
Proposal Category Collaborative Proposal (Integration and Theory)
Proposal Title Advancing Simulations of Sequences of Earthquakes and Aseismic Slip (SEAS)
Name Organization
Brittany Erickson Portland State University Junle Jiang University of California, San Diego Yuri Fialko University of California, San Diego Michael Barall Invisible Software, Inc.
Other Participants Eric Dunham, Nadia Lapusta, Ruth Harris, Jean-Paul Ampuero, Eric Daub, Ahmed Elbanna, Yoshi Kaneko, Jeremy Kozdon, Yajing Liu, Shuo Ma, Paul Segall, Terry Tullis, Matt Wei, Ylona van Dinther, Bruce Shaw and others.
SCEC Priorities 1d, 1e, 3f SCEC Groups SDOT, FARM, CS
Report Due Date 03/15/2019 Date Report Submitted No report submitted
Project Abstract