SCEC Award Number 18141
Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title Organizational Meetings for the SCEC Utilization of Ground-Motion Simulations (UGMS) Committee
Name Organization
Thomas Jordan University of Southern California C.B. Crouse AECOM Christine Goulet University of Southern California
Other Participants UGMS Committee Members: Christine Goulet (SCEC), Norm Abrahamson (PG&E/UCB), John Anderson (UNR), Bob Bachman (R.E. Bachman Consulting Structural Engineers), Jack Baker (Stanford), Jacobo Bielak (CMU), C.B. Crouse (URS) – Chair of Committee, Art Frankel (USGS), Rob Graves (USGS), Ron Hamburger (SGH), Curt Haselton (CSUC), John Hooper (MKA), Marty Hudson (AMEC), Charlie Kircher (Kircher & Associates), Marshall Lew (AMEC), Nico Luco (USGS), Farzad Naeim (Farzad Naeim, Inc.), and Paul Somerville (URS)
SCEC Priorities 4d, 4c, 4b SCEC Groups EEII, GM, CME
Report Due Date 12/08/2018 Date Report Submitted No report submitted
Project Abstract