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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title Workshop: Implementing Rheology into the SCEC Community Rheology Model
Name Organization
Greg Hirth Brown University Laurent Montesi University of Maryland Mark Behn Boston College Michael Oskin University of California, Davis
Other Participants Kali Allison (postdoc), Billy Shinevar (graduate student), John Shaw, Andreas Plesch
SCEC Priorities 1c, 1e, 3b SCEC Groups CXM, SDOT, FARM
Report Due Date 01/31/2023 Date Report Submitted 04/02/2024
Project Abstract
As the level of maturity of the CRM grows, it is important to give the community interested in contributing to and using the CRM opportunities to meet and discuss the features and functionality of the model. To achieve these goals, a small group of investigators met in Pomona, CA, for a day of in-depth discussions facilitated by short presentations. The participants were selected based on their involvement in SCEC projects and to include a broad range of perspectives on the CRM project. The one-day workshop was followed by a field excursion to Cucamonga Canyon to observe geological structures that reveal the modes of deformation of the lower crust and to provide further opportunities to initiate collaborations.
Intellectual Merit The workshop made it possible to discuss the necessary steps to develop and improve the Community Rheology Model, as well as its usefulness for the SCEC community. It identified important research directions and challenges to current understanding. It also suggested ways to test the relevance of the model for Southern California tectonics.
Broader Impacts The workshop brought together a group of scientists with diverse expertise and career stages. The open discussion time facilitated cross-fertilization of ideas and the development of a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the rheology of Southern California.
Exemplary Figure Figure 3: Discussion of microstructures from the Black Belt Mylonites.