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Proposal Category Workshop Proposal
Proposal Title An Interactive Database of Dynamic Earthquake Rupture Publications and their Assumptions (“Ingredients”) for Use in Expanding the Knowledge of Current and Next Generation Scientists
Name Organization
Ruth Harris United States Geological Survey
Other Participants At least 40 early career and senior researchers. 1-2 USGS specialists in databases.
SCEC Priorities 2d, 2e, 4a SCEC Groups FARM, GM, Seismology
Report Due Date 03/15/2024 Date Report Submitted 03/17/2024
Project Abstract
This project delivered a list of the detailed 'ingredients' (assumptions) used for many of the hundreds of dynamic rupture papers published in peer-reviewed journals over the past almost fifty years. It is the start of a review article our group will likely start writing in the next year.
Intellectual Merit This project contributes to the intellectual merit of SCEC by reviewing the significant past, present, and potential future work to understand earthquake mechanics.
Broader Impacts This project contributes to the broader impacts of SCEC by including scientists at all levels of their careers, from students to senior scientists. We are an international community, with scientists collaborating from multiple groups within the U.S. and from multiple countries.
Exemplary Figure no figures (unless a snapshot of the 100's of lines excel spreadsheet would be handy)