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SCEC Internship Eligibility and Requirements

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NOTE: Each SCEC internship program has somewhat different rules and information. Please read carefully! This information is also summarized here.

SCEC Internship programs have requirements for citizenship. Applicants must be:

  • U.S. citizens or
  • permanent residents of the U.S. or its territories

Class Standing
All interns should be enrolled as an undergraduate student during the entire year of 2017 (i.e. you must be in school at least until the end of the Fall 2017 semester/quarter). In rare cases, high school graduates who have been accepted at an undergraduate institution but who have not yet started their undergraduate study may be accepted.


Writing & Meeting Attendance
Shortly after beginning the program, all interns must submit to SCEC a short work plan, outlining his/her research project.

Near the end of each summer, all interns must submit an abstract to the SCEC Annual Meeting, and make a poster for that meeting.

Interns are encouraged to attend the 2017 SCEC Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, CA (September 10-13).

During the internship, and a few weeks after the program concludes, all interns must complete a series of evaluation projects about their personal experiences within the program.

Time Management & Availability
Your internship should be considered your full-time job during the weeks you participate. If you need to take a class or work elsewhere during your internship, you must get SCEC's agreement – in advance – to ensure that other obligations will not be too demanding of your time or energy. Failure to do this could result in your immediate dismissal from the program.

Because USEIT is a team internship, without exception, USEIT interns are required to work in the USEIT intern computer lab on the USC campus every Mon-Fri, 9am 9pm, June 12 Aug 4, 2017. Chronically late or absent interns will be dismissed from the program. Please do not apply to the USEIT program if you cannot be in the lab during those times.

Holidays & Time Off
SURE interns may observe any national holidays that fall during their internships. Any other days off need to be arranged with and approved by their SURE mentor.

During summer 2017, USEIT interns have three days off:

  • Monday and Tuesday, July 3 & 4 (Independence Day, University Holiday)
  • One “personal” day (must be approved by the program manager at least 1 week in advance).
    • Personal days are generally not granted on critical attendance days such as group presentations, special events, field trips, or days at the very beginning or end of the program.