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More than 2,100 buildings are already being retrofitted under L.A.'s earthquake safety law
More than 12% of the L.A.'s earthquake vulnerable wood apartment buildings have begun the process of retrofits. ...
Ron Lin
Back to the Future on the San Andreas Fault
Maybe you’ve heard that the “Big One is overdue” on the San Andreas Fault. No one can predict earthquakes, so what...
After years of planning, California is likely to roll out its earthquake warning system next year
New earthquake sensing stations are being installed in the ground, software is being improved, and operators are being h...
LA Times
Annemarie Baltay Receives 2017 SSA Richter Early Career Award
"Through a combination of source studies and ground motion prediction research, [Baltay] has carved a niche for herself ...
Using a method from Wall Street to track slow slipping of Earth’s crust
Stock traders have long used specialized trackers to decide when to buy or sell a stock, or when the market is beginning...
Seismic Science
“Earthquakes have become much more disruptive to society than they used to be,” said Thomas Jordan, director of the ...
USC Dornsife
Uncovering Tsunamigenic Earthquakes Affecting Southern California
How well do we understand local-source tsunami hazards in Southern California? That was the question of the night at a t...
“ShakeAlert” Earthquake Early Warning System Goes West Coast Wide
This milestone extends the ShakeAlert “production prototype” that was rolled out in California in 2016 to Washington...
Could several California faults rupture together as in the M=7.8 New Zealand earthquake?
For several decades, geologists assumed that faults more than 5 km (3 mi) apart could not rupture together. This inferen...
A Seismic Mapping Milestone
Because of Earth's layered composition, scientists have often compared the basic arrangement of its interior to that of ...