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SCEC Highlights and News

Archive of SCEC highlights and news articles that may be of interest to the SCEC community.

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Strengthening Resilience: LA Regional Food Bank Hosts Great ShakeOut 2023
In a significant stride towards earthquake preparedness, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank proudly hosted this year’s...
LA Regional Food Bank
Early-Warning Tremor Pattern Identified in Lab-Made Earthquakes Offers Hope in Predicting Future Shocks
An international team of researchers led by experts from the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at...
The Science Times
Can animals predict earthquakes and other disasters?
Some animals can detect the vibrations of an earthquake a few seconds before it occurs, thanks to their keen senses—bu...
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Are earthquakes happening more? What to know if you're worried and how to stay safe.
Over 19 million Americans participated in ShakeOut on Thursday, but millions more are at risk, said Mark Benthien, ...
USA Today
New model tackles immature faults and their widespread fractures
Immature faults, such as those in the Eastern California Shear Zone, generate widespread fracturing at the surface durin...
Residents of earthquake zones ‘drop, cover and hold on’ during annual ShakeOut quake drill
The ShakeOut earthquake drills are coordinated by the Southern California Earthquake Center at the University of Souther...
Associated Press
$6.1 million NSF grant to SCEC will transform earthquake research in California
Ahead of Thursday’s Great ShakeOut drill, the director of the USC-based Statewide California Earthquake Center discuss...
USC Today
More than 17.5 million people nationwide participating in “Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills” on October 19
From practicing “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” to learning how to “Secure Your Space,” people across the country and...
SCEC September 2023 Newsletter
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From the Directors: SCEC In Transformation
Dear SCEC Community, SCEC NEWSLETTER In This Issue (September 2023) ...