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New SCEC/USGS Community Stress Drop Validation Study Launched
Stress is released when an earthquake occurs. This ‘stress drop’ is a key parameter for earthquake source physics, a...
5 Powerful Lessons From SCEC’s Exceptional Research Mentors
As the 2021 internship season gets underway, we can tap into powerful lessons learned from the 2020 program. Despite the...
June 2021 WSSPC Monthly Bulletin
Tsunamis from uncommon sources, fracking-induced earthquakes in Texas, and examining "slow-slip" earthquakes - all in th...
Community Fault Model v5.3 Released with Updated Web Tools for Improved Access
We are pleased to announce the release of version 5.3 of the SCEC Community Fault Model (CFM5.3) — the most detailed a...
Study reveals the workings of nature’s own earthquake blocker
A new study finds a naturally occurring “earthquake gate” that decides which earthquakes are allowed to grow into ma...
UC Riverside
Surprising recharacterization of earthquake risk along a strand of the San Andreas
A recent study indicates increased slip rates along the Mission Creek strand of the San Andreas Fault, suggesting a nove...
In major milestone, U.S. earthquake early warning system now covers entire West Coast
On Tuesday at 8 a.m., mobile users in Washington state finally gained access to the earthquake early warning system’s ...
LA Times
When it comes to earthquakes, size matters but so does the terrain
Earthquakes can be like Jell-O. A simple, yet often used analogy is that if you’re sitting in a valley or basin, it ac...
Coachella Valley Disaster Preparedness webinar will feature Dr. Dennis Mileti’s last presentation on earthquake preparedness Wednesday
You can never be too prepared for an earthquake or other disaster. That was what Dr. Dennis Mileti believed as a world-r...
Channel 3
Who is most vulnerable during a major Northern California earthquake?
Most risk analysis focuses on the cascading effects of an earthquake such as landslides, fire or building damage. A rece...