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The displacement field of the Landers earthquake mapped by radar interferometry

Didier Massonnet, Marc Rossi, César Carmona, Frédéric Adragna, Gilles Peltzer, Kurt Feigl, & Thierry Rabaute

Published July 1993, SCEC Contribution #10135

The movements produced by the 1992 earthquake in Landers, California are mapped using SAR interferometry. An interferogram is constructed by combining topographic information with SAR images obtained by the ERS-1 satellite before and after the earthquake. It is shown that the observed changes in the range from the ground surface to the satellite agree well with the slip measured in the field, with the displacements measured by surveying, and with the results of Okada's (1985) elastic dislocation model. This interferogram provides a denser spatial sampling than surveying methods and a better precision than earlier space imaging techniques.

Massonnet, D., Rossi, M., Carmona, C., Adragna, F., Peltzer, G., Feigl, K., & Rabaute, T. (1993). The displacement field of the Landers earthquake mapped by radar interferometry. Nature, 364(6433), 138-142. doi: 10.1038/364138a0.