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Observations of the Calipatria Deformation Zone from seismic reflection profiles

Carlos S. Reyes Martínez, Young Ho Aladro, & Mario Gonzalez Escobar

Submitted September 10, 2023, SCEC Contribution #12965, 2023 SCEC Annual Meeting Poster #089

We presented a cartography of the Calipatria Deformation Zone (CDZ), situated in the Mexicali Valley, Baja California, Mexico, derived from 2D seismic reflection profiles. We utilized eight seismic profiles located within the Mexicali Valley. These profiles were surveyed by PEMEX in the 1980s, but the interpretation and publication remained undisclosed until recent times.

The initial outcomes of this investigation reveal a geometry for the CDZ with an NW-SE orientation, extending from the political border between the U.S.A. and Mexico to the Altar Desert in Sonora, Mexico. However, prior studies suggest an extension of this deformation zone all the way to the Southern San Andreas Fault in the Imperial Valley. The existence of the CDZ could indicate an ancient plate boundary between the Pacific and North American plates.

Key Words
Calipatria Fault, Seismic reflection

Reyes Martínez, C. S., Aladro, Y., & Gonzalez Escobar, M. (2023, 09). Observations of the Calipatria Deformation Zone from seismic reflection profiles. Poster Presentation at 2023 SCEC Annual Meeting.

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