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SRCMOD: An Online Database of Finite-Fault Rupture Models

Paul M. Mai, & Kiran K. Thingbaijam

In Preparation 2014, SCEC Contribution #1937

This contribution to the Electronic Seismologist presents the online SRCMOD database of finite-fault rupture models for past earthquakes, accessible at http://equake-rc.info/srcmod. Finite-fault earthquake source inversions have become a standard tool in seismological research. Using seismic data, these inversions image the spatiotemporal rupture evolution on one or more assumed fault segments. If geodetic data are used, the source inversions put constraints on the fault geometry and the static slip distribution (i.e., final displacements over the fault surfaces). Joint inversions, using a combination of available seismic, geodetic, and potentially other data, try to match all observations simultaneously to develop a more comprehensive image of the rupture process.

Finite-fault source inversions helped to shape our understanding of the complexity of the earthquake rupture process. These source images provide information, albeit at rather low spatial resolution, of earthquake slip at depth, and potentially also on the temporal rupture evolution. Therefore, they represent an important resource for further research in earthquake mechanics and the kinematics of earthquake ruptures processes. As such, they have a direct bearing on our understanding of earthquake dynamics.

In this contribution to the Electronic Seismologist, we present a more comprehensive version of SRCMOD database. Readily accessible at http://equake-rc.info/srcmod, the current version of SRCMOD offers for source modelers, earthquake scientists, and any interested user unified data representation, and open data access to currently ~300 earthquake rupture models published over the last 30 years. This online database also generates enhanced visibility of the research of authors who contribute their rupture models.

Mai, P. M., & Thingbaijam, K. K. (2014). SRCMOD: An Online Database of Finite-Fault Rupture Models. Seismological Research Letters, (in preparation).