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A Reciprocity Method for Multiple-Source Simulations

Leo Eisner, & Robert W. Clayton

Published June 2001, SCEC Contribution #523

Reciprocity is applied to the situation where simulations are needed for a number of source locations, but relatively few receiver positions. By invoking source-receiver reciprocity, the number of simulations can be generally reduced to three times the number of receiver positions. The procedure is demonstrated for a heterogeneous medium with both single force and double couple sources. The numerical tests using a finite-difference implementation show that the reciprocal simulations can be performed with the same level of accuracy as the forward calculations.

Key Words
focal mechanism, three-dimensional models, statistical analysis, Green function, equations, simulation, aftershocks, finite element analysis, strong motion, seismicity, ground motion, reciprocity, accuracy, earthquakes

Eisner, L., & Clayton, R. W. (2001). A Reciprocity Method for Multiple-Source Simulations. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 91(3), 553-560. doi: 10.1785/0120000222.