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InSAR observations in Southern California

Rowena B. Lohman, & Kyle D. Murray

Published August 15, 2016, SCEC Contribution #6905, 2016 SCEC Annual Meeting Poster #137

We present InSAR time series results over Southern California, with a focus on the comparison between imagery from different platforms and spanning different time periods in the Riverside area. We use a processing approach that combines aspects of several other SAR/InSAR/time series analysis packages, including ROI_PAC, ISCE, StaMPS and phase unwrapping with SNAPHU. This approach is not really necessary in the urban areas of Los Angeles, but does appear to improve results in the higher relief areas surrounding the city.

Key Words
InSAR,Time Series

Lohman, R. B., & Murray, K. D. (2016, 08). InSAR observations in Southern California. Poster Presentation at 2016 SCEC Annual Meeting.

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