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Seismic response of a tall building to simulated long-period ground motions

Nenad Bijelic, Ting Lin, & Gregory Deierlein

Published January 2017, SCEC Contribution #7151

Physics-based ground motion simulations are advancing to a state of enabling detailed characterization of extreme earthquakes, holding promise for providing novel insights to questions of engineering concern. For instance, presence of sedimentary basins is well recognized for potential detrimental effects on buildings, but their quantification has remained largely elusive due to limited availability of recorded motions. With a broader goal of exploring the areas where simulated earthquakes can offer unique engineering insight, this paper examines seismic performance of a 20-story building for two sites located in the Los Angeles basin. Comparative analysis of seismic hazard and demands is performed by: a) using “conventional” approaches relying on recorded motions coupled with probabilistic seismic hazard assessments from the U.S. Geological Survey; and b) by completely relying on physics-based simulations generated as part of the Southern California Earthquake Center CyberShake project. Site hazards are compared in terms of conditional spectra and significant durations; opportunities and challenges involved with estimation of intensity measure targets from simulations are discussed. In terms of seismic demands, the two approaches yield similar estimates for one site, while being drastically different for the other. Extent and sources of these discrepancies are investigated and opportunities for future work are discussed.

Key Words
tall buildings; physics-based ground motion simulations; probabilistic seismic hazard analysis; seismic risk; CyberShake

Bijelic, N., Lin, T., & Deierlein, G. (2017, 01). Seismic response of a tall building to simulated long-period ground motions. Oral Presentation at 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering. http://www.16wcee.com/

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