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Selection of CyberShake Time Series for Engineering Building Code Analyses

Jack W. Baker, & Ganyu Teng

Under Review 2014, SCEC Contribution #7962

This paper presents results from a project to search the CyberShake ground motion simulation catalog in order to select suites of ground motions that satisfy building code requirements and could be used to evaluate a tall building design at several potential sites in Los Angeles. The search and selection of ground motions provides an understanding of the suitability of CyberShake ground motions for practical engineering analysis. Comparable suites of recorded ground motions are selected for the same sites, in order to illustrate the relative advantages and disadvantages of using the two data sources. A number of ground motion metrics, including directional polarization and shaking duration, are evaluated for the suites of simulations, in order to evaluate their reasonableness for representing future earthquake shaking. In summary, the results provide further insights regarding the value of physics-based ground motion simulations for use in engineering analyses.

Baker, J. W., & Teng, G. (2014). Selection of CyberShake Time Series for Engineering Building Code Analyses. Poster Presentation at 10th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering.

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