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High Resolution Forward and Inverse Earthquake Modeling on Terascale Computers

Volkan Akcelik, Jacobo Bielak, George Biros, Ioannis Epanomeritakis, Antonio Fernandez, Omar Ghattas, E-J. Kim, Julio Lopez, David O'Hallaron, Tiankai Tu, & John Urbanic

Published November 2003, SCEC Contribution #892

For earthquake simulations to play an important role in the reduction of seismic risk, they must be capable of high resolution and high fidelity. We have developed algorithms and tools for earthquake simulation based on multiresolution hexahedral meshes. We have used this capability to carry out 1 Hz simulations of the 1994 Northridge earthquake in the LA Basin using 100 million grid points. Our wave propagation solver sustains 1.21 teraflop/s for 4 hours on 3000 AlphaServer processors at 80% parallel efficiency. Because of uncertainties in characterizing earthquake source and basin material properties, a critical remaining challenge is to invert for source and material parameter fields for complex 3D basins from records of past earthquakes. Towards this end, we present results for material and source inversion of high-resolution models of basins undergoing antiplane motion using parallel scalable inversion algorithms that overcome many of the difficulties particular to inverse heterogeneous wave propagation problems.

Akcelik, V., Bielak, J., Biros, G., Epanomeritakis, I., Fernandez, A., Ghattas, O., Kim, E., Lopez, J., O'Hallaron, D., Tu, T., & Urbanic, J. (2003, 11). High Resolution Forward and Inverse Earthquake Modeling on Terascale Computers. Poster Presentation at SC 2003 Conference.