Exciting news! We're transitioning to the Statewide California Earthquake Center. Our new website is under construction, but we'll continue using this website for SCEC business in the meantime. We're also archiving the Southern Center site to preserve its rich history. A new and improved platform is coming soon!

Beth Bartel

Outreach Specialist

Expertise: Communications, volcano geodesy, training, facilitating
About Me Publications
As UNAVCO's outreach specialist, I work to communicate the exciting science UNAVCO supports and its societal applications. I moved to Colorado to work with UNAVCO more than 15 years ago, while finishing a master's degree in geophysics at Indiana University, and worked for several years as a field engineer before transitioning into outreach. After completing a second master's degree in journalism at CU-Boulder, I returned to UNAVCO full-time in my current capacity. I am passionate about finding ways to reach audiences of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, understanding volcanoes, and teaching scientists to be more effective communicators.