Kenneth Farley

California Institute of Technology
Asst. Prof., Geochemistry
About Me Publications
Hofmann, F., Cooperdock, E., West, J., Hildebrandt, D., Strößner, K., & Farley, K. (2021). Exposure dating of detrital magnetite using 3He enabled by microCT and calibration of the cosmogenic 3He production rate in magnetite. Geochronology, 3(2), 395-414. doi: SCEC Contribution 10988
Spotila, J., Farley, K., & Sieh, K. (1998). Uplift and erosion of the San Bernardino Mountains associated with transpression along the San Andreas fault, California, as constrained by radiogenic helium thermochronometry. Tectonics, 17(3), 360-378. SCEC Contribution 379

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