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James Spotila

Department of Geosciences
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
About Me Publications
Spotila, J., & Sieh, K. (2000). Architecture of Transpressional Thrust Faulting in the San Bernardino Mountains, Southern California, from Deformation of a Deeply Weathered Surface. Tectonics, 19(4), 589-615. SCEC Contribution 482
Spotila, J., Farley, K., & Sieh, K. (1998). Uplift and erosion of the San Bernardino Mountains associated with transpression along the San Andreas fault, California, as constrained by radiogenic helium thermochronometry. Tectonics, 17(3), 360-378. SCEC Contribution 379
Spotila, J., & Sieh, K. (1995). Geologic Investigations of the "Slip-Gap" in the Surficial Ruptures of the 1992 Landers Earthquake, Southern California. Journal of Geophysical Research, 100(B1), 543-559. SCEC Contribution 118
Sieh, K., Jones, L. M., Hauksson, E., Hudnut, K. W., Eberhart-Phillips, D., Heaton, T. H., Hough, S. E., Hutton, K., Kanamori, H., Lilje, A., Lindvall, S. C., McGill, S. F., Mori, J., Rubin, C. M., Spotila, J., Stock, J. M., Thio, H., Treiman, J. A., Wernicke, B. P., & Zachariasen, J. (1993). Near Field Investigations of the Landers Earthquake Sequence, April-July, 1992. Science, 260(5105), 171-176. doi: 10.1126/science.260.5105.171. SCEC Contribution 25

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