Nikolaos Theodoulidis

Institute of Engineering Seismology & Earthquake Engineering (ITSAK-EPPO)

Expertise: Geology, Geophysics, Engineering Seismology
About Me Publications
Educational Background
Graduate of Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1980)

Ph.D. Thesis in Seismology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1991).

Post-Doc in Engineering Seismology, University Joseph Fourier, LGIT-Grenoble, France (1992-1993).

Visiting researcher: Imperial College-UK, ISTerre-France, USGS-USA, INGV-Italy, Comenius University-Slovakia.

Languages: Greek, English, French


Strong ground motion modeling.
Seismic hazard assessment.
Site effects estimation using earthquake and
ambient noise.
Strong-motion and consequences of destructive
Planning and operation of accelerometric networks,
data acquisition and analyses.

Academic and Professional Experience

Institute of Engineering Seismology & Earthquake
Engineering (ITSAK) (1983-today).
Member of the Board of Directors of ITSAK
(1988-1989 & 2010-2011).
Director of ITSAK (1995-1999).
Assistant Researcher at ITSAK (1995-1998).
Senior Researcher at ITSAK (1998-2007).
Research Director at ITSAK (2007- today).

Membership in Scientific and Professional Associations

Geotechnical Chamber of Greece.
Hellenic Union of Earthquake Engineering.
Seismological Society of America.
American Geophysical Union.
Working Group 2- Strong Motion Records for
Engineering Applications of EAEE.

Publications – Academic/Research Activities

Scientist in charge in 22 engineering seismology & earthquake engineering research projects (international among others; EUROSEISTEST, EUROSEISMOD, EUROSEISRISK, SESAME, SYNARMA, NERIES-JRA4, NERA-JRA1) and participation in more than 70 research projects.

180 publications (70 in peer-reviewed Inter. Journals, 13 in peer-reviewed National Journals, 58 in Proc. Inter. Conferences, 24 in Proc. National Conferences, 15 other publ.).

More than 60 technical reports in engineering seismology for seismic protection of Public Works and Lifelines.