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Ruben Li Wu

East Los Angeles College
UseIT Intern
About Me Publications
I was born and raised in Venezuela. In grade school, I participated in a field trip to the Griffith Observatory, which ignited my interest in science. I am an Earth Science major transferring from East Los Angeles College to the University of California, San Diego. My current interests for graduate school are environmental science, ecosystem, and oceanography.

The UseIT internship is my first research experience. I am part of the Forecasting and Simulation Team. Being part of Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), I have learned a lot in earthquake forecasting. My favorite part of doing research is making the poster, because all 8 weeks worth of research is displayed in one place. During my time at SCEC, I learned that knowing a computing and programming language will take me far as a STEM student. Therefore, my immediate goal is to learn a programming and computing language before I obtained my undergraduate degree.

I have learned much about myself and the resources that are available for STEM students. This internship has contributed to my growth as a student, researcher, and human being. The values obtained from SCEC will help me further my academic and research journey. I am willing to take risks and lead with my passion to explore new endeavors.

SCEC Participation

SCEC Intern (2019)