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2009 SCEC Rupture Dynamics Code Validation Workshop

Organizers: Ruth Harris, Ralph Archuleta
Location: Kellogg West Conference Center and Lodge, Pomona, CA

The 2009 SCEC Rupture Dynamics Code Validation Workshop will discuss the 2009 benchmarks and future directions. The first set of 2009 benchmarks, TPV12/13, addresses the case of extreme ground motion caused by dynamic earthquake rupture propagation on a dipping fault in the presence of elastic and inelastic off-fault yielding. The second set of 2009 benchmarks, TPV205/210, addresses code convergence. For future directions, there will be a presentation and discussion about misfit metrics, and a presentation that introduces the science behind our work planned in 2010, dynamic earthquake rupture propagation on branched faults.

09:00 Introduction to the Workshop Ruth Harris
09:30 Extreme Ground Motion Benchmarks TPV12/13 Joe Andrews
09:40 Nucleation Zone Definition and Convergence Tests Joe Andrews
10:45 Break Eric Dunham / Michael Barall
11:00 Convergence Benchmarks TPV205/210  
12:15 Lunch Kim Olsen
13:15 Misfit Metrics Brad Aagaard
14:00 CIG Benchmark Tool Brad Aagaard
14:15 The Source Inversion Validation Exercise Morgan Page
14:40 Break  
15:00 Rupture Propagation on Branching Faults Nora DeDontney
16:00 Group Discussion of Future Plans  
17:00 Adjourn  

WORKSHOP REPORT: Download (1.3 MB)