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Summer 2017 Shared Activities

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Summer 2017:

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Meetings. Participants in the SCEC internship programs come together several times during a summer, in much the same way that SCEC scientists work collaboratively. At each meeting, some interns present their summer projects to date, so that all gain experience with presenting and articulating their work.

Intern Field Trip. At the beginning of the internship program, many SCEC interns participate in a multi-day field trip in June 2017 to experience some of southern California's active – and exciting – geology, hosted by SCEC earthquake scientists, who ride along and/or rendezvous with the group at various excursion stops. Recent trips have included treks along the San Andreas fault and a visit to Catalina Island to consider offshore earthquake faults. In addition, SCEC computer scientists may host visits to their facilities, to introduce the group to a whole other world of SCEC science. Recent trips have included the San Diego Supercomputer Center and the Information Science Institute in Marina del Rey.

Events/Workshops. Other summer activities for all interns are hosted at SCEC headquarters at the University of Southern California. Recent events have included communications workshops, intern research symposia, and presentations by visiting scientists.

SCEC Annual Meeting. At the conclusion of their summer, students who successfully complete their summer internships are encouraged to present their research in posters and demos at the SCEC Annual Meeting in September 2017.