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2017 USEIT: SCEC-VDO Enhancement and Release

Sebastian Rinkema, Alyssa R. Oda, Alejandro G. Narvaez-Colon, Kevin Rolón-Domena, Prad Tantiwuttipong, Esther Kala, John Yu, Kevin R. Milner, Gabriela R. Noriega, Jozi K. Pearson, & Thomas H. Jordan

Published August 3, 2017, SCEC Contribution #7402, 2017 SCEC Annual Meeting Poster #309

SCEC-VDO (Southern California Earthquake Center Visual Display of Objects) is a visualization software that enables interactive, 4D display of diverse geo-referenced datasets for analysis, presentation, and publication. SCEC-VDO is developed by USEIT interns who each year add new features and enhancements to the software. This year, rather than adding new features, Tom Jordan tasked us to make the program more user friendly by improving robustness in the code, ensuring consistency in the interface, and providing documentation, especially in functionalities used for earthquake simulators. To increase efficiency, the team was divided into three sub-teams so they could work on different enhancements. One team worked on overviewing and confirming the Save feature worked correctly for each stateful plugin. They also worked on making the software more stable by fixing bugs and existing problems. Another team worked on creating a Search/Select All feature to plugins like Political Boundaries and HAZUS. This team also worked on creating a template for existing and new plugins to ease the implementation of new plugins in the future. The third team worked on a startup window to create or open an existing project file. This team also transcribed the existing program user guide into HTML and implemented it to SCEC-VDO by adding a Help button. New features were created for the software like Autosave, GIF output, Progress bar for slow plugins and a toolbar with Zoom In/Out, Recenter, Open and Save buttons. SCEC-VDO facilitates the visualization and communicating of earthquake science, its public release has been long awaited in the earthquake science community. This year is the maiden release of SCEC-VDO 1.0. The software is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Key Words
scecvdo, useit, eclipse, java, vtk, visualization, summer2017

Rinkema, S., Oda, A. R., Narvaez-Colon, A. G., Rolón-Domena, K., Tantiwuttipong, P., Kala, E., Yu, J., Milner, K. R., Noriega, G. R., Pearson, J. K., & Jordan, T. H. (2017, 08). 2017 USEIT: SCEC-VDO Enhancement and Release. Poster Presentation at 2017 SCEC Annual Meeting.

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