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Jozi K. Pearson

University of California, Riverside
SCEC UseIT Program Supervisor

Expertise: Structural Geology (MS), Geomorphology, and Paleoseismology
About Me Publications
I am a PhD student at UC RIverside. The main focus of my research is surface slip distribution of the Alpine Fault in New Zealand. I am also interested in paleoseismology of the San Andreas Fault. During my Masters, I worked on the structural style of a fold and thrust belt in northwestern China.

I am also the SCEC UseIT Intern Supervisor. I supervise a group of undergraduate interns during the summer while they work on a collaborative earthquake problem. Through daily engagement, I help to guide and mentor the interns as they navigate through the intrinsic challenges of research.

Before pursuing my PhD I worked environmental consulting (2006-2011) and as a petroleum geologist (2012-2015).