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Eldon M. Gath

Earth Consultants International

Expertise: Engineering Geology, Seismic Hazard Mitigation, Land Planning
About Me Publications
Adam, R. N., Scott, C. P., Arrowsmith, R., Reano, D., Madugo, C. M., Koehler, R. D., Zuckerman, M. G., Gray, B., Kozaci, O., Gonzalez, T., AbramsonWard, H., Rockwell, T. K., Gath, E. M., Kottke, A. R., & Luechter, E. (2023, 09). Assessing a systematic geomorphic mapping approach to improve confidence in fault mapping and rupture prediction. Poster Presentation at 2023 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 13222
Rockwell, T. K., Akciz, S. O., & Gath, E. M. (2021, 08). New age data constrain the recurrence interval on the Whittier fault. Poster Presentation at 2021 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 11655
Yeats, R. S., & Gath, E. M. (2002). The role of geology in seismic hazard mitigation. In Y. Bozorgnia, & V. Bertero (Eds.), Earthquake Engineering: Recent Advances and Applications, (in preparation). SCEC Contribution 708
Yeats, R. S., & Gath, E. M. (2004). The role of geology in seismic hazard mitigation. In Y. Bozorgnia, & V. Bertero (Eds.), Earthquake Engineering: From Engineering seismology to performance-based Engineering, (, pp. 23) Boca Raton, FL, : CRC Press SCEC Contribution 886
Legg, M. R., Davis, P. M., & Gath, E. M. (2004). Geology and Tectonics of Santa Catalina Island and the California Continental Borderland. In M. R. Legg, P. M. Davis, & E. M. Gath (Eds.), South Coast Geological Society Annual Field Trip Guidebook, (1, pp. 409) Santa Ana, CA, : South Coast Geological Society SCEC Contribution 875
Grant Ludwig, L. B., Mueller, K. J., Gath, E. M., Cheng, H., Edwards, L. R., Munro, R., & Kennedy, G. L. (1999). Late Quaternary Uplift and Earthquake Potential of the San Joaquin Hills, Southern Los Angeles Basin, California. Geology, 27(11), 1031-1034. doi: 10.1130/0091-7613(1999)027<1031:LQUAEP>2.3.CO;2. SCEC Contribution 433
Dolan, J. F., Sieh, K., Rockwell, T. K., Yeats, R. S., Shaw, B. E., Suppe, J., Huftile, G. J., & Gath, E. M. (1995). Prospects for Larger or More Frequent Earthquakes in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Region. Science, 267(5195), 199-205. doi: 10.1126/science.267.5195.199. SCEC Contribution 119
Bausch, D., Gath, E. M., Gonzalez, T., Dolan, J. F., & Sieh, K. (1992). Application of New Developments in Seismic Hazards Assessment: Revised Safety Element of the General Plan of the City of Santa Monica. Presentation at 35th Assoc. of Engineering Geologists National Convention. SCEC Contribution 79

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