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Haydee L. Portillo

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
UseIT Intern
About Me Publications
My name is Haydee Portillo and I attend Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University where I major in Physics and minor in Geoscience. When asked if I ever saw myself studying Physics, I always say no. My interests have always jumped around, from paleontology, to math, to acting, to music until I finally landed on physics. I've always loved learning how and why the world works. I plan to combine my two areas of study and attend grad school for a Masters in Geophysics.

When I’m not too busy solving problem set after problem set, I enjoy spending my time playing guitar or dancing in one of my school’s dance clubs. I am also the President of a physics club for women at my school called Ladies of Robeson. UseIT will be my first research experience so I hope to learn a lot of skills that I could use in my professional and personal life.

SCEC Participation

SCEC Intern (2019)