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Jan Nordström

Uppsala University (Sweden)
About Me Publications
O'Reilly, O., & Nordström, J. (2020). Provably non-stiff implementation of weak coupling conditions for hyperbolic problems. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, (in preparation). SCEC Contribution 10148
Erickson, B. A., & Nordström, J. (2014). Stable, high order accurate adaptive schemes for long time, highly intermittent geophysics problems. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, (accepted). SCEC Contribution 1943
Nordström, J., Abbas, Q., Erickson, B. A., & Frenander, H. (2013). A Flexible Boundary Procedure for Hyperbolic Problems: Multiple Penalty Terms Applied in a Domain . Communications in Computational Physics, (under review). SCEC Contribution 1806
Kozdon, J. E., Dunham, E. M., & Nordström, J. (2013). Simulation of dynamic earthquake ruptures in complex geometries using high-order finite difference methods. Journal of Scientific Computing, 55(1), 92-124. doi: 10.1007/s10915-012-9624-5. SCEC Contribution 1424
Kozdon, J. E., Dunham, E. M., & Nordström, J. (2011). Interaction of waves with frictional interfaces using summation-by-parts difference operators: Weak enforcement of nonlinear boundary conditions. Journal of Scientific Computing, 50(2), 341-367. doi: 10.1007/s10915-011-9485-3. SCEC Contribution 1417

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