Kenny J. Ryan

Research Geophysicist

Expertise: Dynamic Earthquake Modeling
About Me Publications
Oglesby, D. D., Wu, B., Kyriakopoulos, C., & Ryan, K. J. (2021, 08). The effects of Absolute Friction Level on Shallow Fault Dynamics. Poster Presentation at 2021 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 11658
Wu, B., Oglesby, D. D., Kyriakopoulos, C., & Ryan, K. J. (2020, 08). How do inertia, free surface interaction, and absolute friction coefficient level affect the final slip amplitude in a theoretical thrust fault rupture model? . Poster Presentation at 2020 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 10721
Kyriakopoulos, C., Oglesby, D. D., Funning, G., & Ryan, K. J. (2017). Dynamic Rupture Modeling of the M7.2 2010 El Mayor‐Cucapah Earthquake: Comparison With a Geodetic Model. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 122(12), 10,263-10,279. doi: 10.1002/2017JB014294. SCEC Contribution 9206
Kyriakopoulos, C., Funning, G. J., Oglesby, D. D., Fletcher, J. M., & Ryan, K. J. (2015). Dealing With The Complexity of The M7.2 2010 El - Mayor Cucapah Earthquake. Poster Presentation at 2015 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 7076
Oglesby, D. D., Barall, M., Geist, E. L., & Ryan, K. J. (2015). Dynamic models of an earthquake and tsunami offshore Ventura, California. Geophysical Research Letters, 42(16), 6599-6606. doi: 10.1002/2015GL064507. SCEC Contribution 6251

Last updated Oct 26, 2021.