Prabha Acharya

California Institute of Technology
About Me Publications
Yu, E., Acharya, P., Bhaskaran, A., Chen, S., Andrews, J., Thomas, V., Hauksson, E., & Clayton, R. W. (2016, 08). Products and Services Available from the Southern California Earthquake Data Center (SCEDC) and the Southern California Seismic Network (SCSN). Poster Presentation at 2016 SCEC Annual Meeting. SCEC Contribution 6643
Yu, E., Acharya, P., Jaramillo, J., Kientz, S., Thomas, V., & Hauksson, E. (2018). The Station Information System (SIS): A Centralized Seismic Station Repository for Populating, Managing, and Distributing Metadata. Seismological Research Letters, 89(1), 47-55. SCEC Contribution 7303

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