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Ramon Mei

East Los Angeles College
SCEC UseIT Intern
About Me Publications
Major: Computer Science

I am currently a student at East Los Angeles College. I will be applying for transfer in the Fall of 2018. I am part of a MESA club at East Los Angeles College called Roots of STEM and we host events to support other students with studying and we host fun events such as chess tournaments. I am interested in learning about software development and enjoy solving problems with computers. I applied to the Southern California Earthquake Center to gain more experience with computer programming, to work with other interns to solve problems, and to gain practical skills during college to prepare me for a career after I graduate. As a child, earthquakes have always interested me and this internship program is a great way to learn more about it. My expectations are to learn everything I can during this internship program that will help with my career in the future and my expectations for this summer are to learn about machine learning and other types of computer skills. To me, research is to gather data and using that data to solve problems to help society, whether it would be to improve health care, infrastructure, the community, or even for completing tasks more efficiently. Research is an important part of learning what we can be done to fix problems in society, to find ways to improve the way of life, or even to make places more safe and secure. I had research experience in college for my English courses where I had to research information about problems in contemporary America for the essays I had to complete. I have also done research for group presentations in courses such as Chicano Studies, where I had to look for information about the history the Mexico and present my findings with my group to the class. My goals are to gain more skills in programming, to learn as much as I can during this internship program at the Southern California Earthquake Center, and to become a better team player to support other interns during this summer. After graduating from college, I plan to start working in a software company where I can put what I have learned to solve greater problems within the community. I would like to solve problems where programs can have a meaningful impact for others. I enjoy playing basketball, tennis, and video games on my free time. I also have the goal and ambition to help create a better future for myself, for my family, and for my community.

SCEC Participation

SCEC Intern (2018)